Webdrill’s strength is in our quality equipment combined
with our superior personnel.

Webdrill is committed to providing excellent customer service, and the reliability of our drill rigs is an essential part of this commitment. We are passionate about maintaining our assets and deploying reliable, highly productive and efficient drill rigs with highly experienced drill crews.

The Company utilises Epiroc Diamec drill rigs as they are a leader in design of automation, unattended last run drilling functions and the development of the fastest rod handler on the market.

We have a universal fleet of Diamec Smart rigs which are designed for high performance.



The Diamec Smart rig has an advanced Rig Control System allowing it to be operated automatically and drilling parameters are easily set as they are adjusted and monitored from the touch screen on the rig control panel.

The Diamec Smart 6 rig can be equipped with a state of the art rod handling system that relieves the operator and eliminates many of the hazardous operations in the drilling process, such as handling of the rods and barrels. All drilling operations are performed from a safe distance with an easy to use control panel.

We can customise our Smart rigs to our client’s needs.

One of our advantages is that we can operate in smaller drives and drill cuddys.
We also have the ability to continue drilling in heat management situations and drill on mid shift and end of shift firing breaks, due to the automation last run unattended drilling functions on our rigs. An increase in productivity means a lower cost per metre for our clients.

Our rigs can efficiently drill grade control programs, resource definition and deep directional exploration holes, our rigs will drill all angles safely and productively.