Drilling Services

At Webdrill we have highly skilled teams and 1st class equipment with a proven ability to complete all of your drilling needs.

Our Operations teams are proven experts in all ground conditions and formations encountered in mining operations, this correlates with the testimonials provided from all of our clients with our successful drilling programs through various formations and drilling methods across a range of sites and operations. 

Some examples include but aren’t limited to :


Several Operations have been extremely happy with our ability to safely, efficiently and successfully complete high risk dewatering and high pressure gas programs. Allowing our clients to utilise this water for underground service, stemmed and tapped holes with high pressure aquifers and various hazardous gasses such as (CH4). Our clients can safely and successful dewater and or vent areas of old workings that were previously off limits due to the risks and hazards associated with the gasses and water ingress. This allowed for mining into these areas and assist in building the ore reserves and increasing mine life.


Our highly experience teams have successfully completed several successful programs with various clients drilling through challenging Nickel shear zones, applying various time management techniques and our arsenal of drilling methods to confidently maintain hole completion with minimal down time and reduced overall cost per meter to our clients. Our teams continue to build presence in this field as the work continues to grow with the success of the teams ability to complete this difficult drilling.


Our Operations teams specialise in drilling through BIF “Banded Iron Formations” with increased productivity on all formations onsite without issue from the very hard BIF into the soft swelling ultra maphic formations with 100% core quality and hole completion.


Our teams are always working with our clients to complete service holes for various applications throughout the mine workings providing breakthrough holes in all diameters from BQ through to HQ allowing for accurate and efficient solutions to the mining teams for power cables, drainage and various other applications.

Our clients are always quick to provide feedback on our Professional and solutions focused teams that provide expertise for no hassle drilling contractor that can successfully drill through all formations with their standardised fleet of rigs allowing for a high quality solution to all of their drilling needs.