1. Safety Culture

    We are passionate about Safety! We use Rod Handlers on our skid base rigs to reduce the manual handling load on drillers and offsiders. Our staff are kept up to date on all their training and safety certifications.
    To date we have had no LTI’s at Webdrill. Experience breeds safety.

  2. Experience

    With over 70 years of combined experience in our team, we feel confident to drill any ground in Australia. Every team member has experienced something slightly different in regards to ground conditions and drilling techniques. This makes for a very strong knowledge base to tap into at any time. We can drill BQ, BQTK, NQ2, NQ3, HQ and HQ3 with all of our rig configurations.

  3. Reliability

    We run highly productive rigs and support equipment which have a high mechanical availability rate. Webdrill is passionate about providing new reliable equipment for experienced drillers to operate, this creates safe production.

  4. Customer Service

    We are easy to work with, we believe in an open and honest business relationship with our clients.

  5. Results

    We understand that fast, accurate results are a necessity in this market for mining companies.